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Nutrition and healthy eating is a very important topic. Schools play an important role in planning and providing youngsters with a nutritional diet to meet their needs for mental and physical growth, and optimal health and well being.

Eating disorders have been seen to increase or at least awareness of them increasing in recent years and being able to spot them is an important part of today’s education system.

We have several people on our edFirst.co.uk that can help with this.

Search for Food Consultants and Healthy Eating and Nutritionists on our web site to find help near you.

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Featured Company

Diana Hervé Nutrition Educator & Eating Disorder Practitioner

As a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Eating Disorder Practitioner, with a background in teaching health and nutrition to children, students and adults, as well as running a successful cookery school and catering company, my expertise enables me to:

• Advise on school menu planning

• Provide age appropriate workshops

• Healthy eating for staff

• Advise on eating disorders

• Further education / 6th form

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